Room 2


Room 2 facing west. Bath and toilet. The bed size is 195cm.



Room 3


Room 3 is a big room in the south end of the house. (28m2)


This rooms offers a south facing balcony.


This room have bath and toilet.




Room 4


Room 4 consist of a livingroom (13m2) and a bedroom (11m2)


This room have bath and toilet


The livingroom is facing west, and the bedroom is facing north.






Room 5


Room 5 is our smallest (10m2) but cutes room, we like to call it "Pigekammeret."


This room have bath and toilet out in the hall.


2 seperate beds, one big closet, and a sink.


In the kitchen just outsite the room, a space is reserved for dining.


The room is facing north.



Harald Fichersvej 12

9480 Løkken, Danmark

Telefon.: +(45) 20 65 38 56