The first houses in Løkken was built in 1678. After that the town became the most important quay in the trade between "Vendsyssel" and the south of Norway, where grains, butter and meat were traded for wood and iron. To this day you can still find some of the large warehouses from that trade, which ended around the 1900's

Løkken then became an important fishing town, the third largest on the west coast. Around the 1950's there were up to 50 fishing boats, all being pulled up on the beach after returning with their catch. The old fishing community with moor, boatyard, signals mast, tar site and rescue house (now a museum) still exists today, even though there are only a few fishermen left.

At the end of the 19th century the first bathers came to Løkken and the town quickly became a very popular seaside town.

Today Løkken is a town with well-preserved traces from the past.

Harald Fichersvej 12

9480 Løkken, Danmark

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